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A Financial Bunker for Hard Times - What can we Learn from 2008?

Wondering if another 2008 is on the horizon? There is a lot of speculation out there. We don't know for sure but we know there are consistent cycles and history repeats itself. Either way what a great article written in 2009 in Forbes in the middle of a tough time economically about a financial bunker that works in both good and hard times. What financial tool survived and thrived during 2008 as well as the Great Depression and every other economic downturn. Mutual Insurance companies not only survived the Great Depression and 2008 but thrived. These select few companies that are over 100 years old provide dividend paying high cash value life insurance policies that gave guys like JC Penny and Walt Disney the ability to use their policies to get them through some hard times.

Here is the great article in Forbes. What can we learn from 2008?

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