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Is it Infinite Banking or Investing in the market or real estate?

Common Misconceptions or questions about the Infinite Banking Concept

Its Infinite Banking or something else like the stock Market or Real Estate. True or False

False - It is called the “and asset” for a reason. You don’t have to choose and often we use Infinite Banking to invest in many things such as Real Estate, Private Money Lending to investors, Stocks, Crypto whatever you want to use it for.

What if you also make an investment that cash flows your policy premium deposits? Could you do this? Absolutely. There are many ways to approach this but it is not “either” “or”. When you do use a policy loan to invest in say an investment that pays 15% annual interest. You are earning the long term uninterrupted compound tax free growth (when used correctly) on those dollars in the policy and now adding the growth outside the policy. Your Money is doing double duty for you. Now of course you have some interest on the policy loan that goes to the insurance company but the growth on those dollars out performs that especially long term. You also have a great hedge if the outside investment goes south as you never lost the growth of that money in the policy and the policy loan does not have to be paid back though we recommend this. You do have complete flexibility in doing so though. This is huge! All this comes with a death benefit and living benefits if you get sick. We haven’t even talked about taking over the banking aspect of your life with the money you already spend each year making that grow first uninterrupted for the rest of your life. Its not a get rich quick deal. You have to be committed for the long run. Its a great forced savings for all that money that often disappears right from the budget because we didn’t give it a place to go. I find spenders especially love this aspect because they loose money like its going out of style from their monthly cash flow and don’t even miss it sometimes. This gives them the ability to spend while saving long term. Parkinsons law must still be conquered but this will help with that added discipline of a savings that looks like a bill :)

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