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The Multi-Tool of the Financial World

I am a huge fan of my multi tool because on the farm I can do multiple jobs with it. It’s not just needle nose, or a knife, or a screwdriver but rather it’s all that and many more things in one small compact tool that fits on my belt. Today we use a smart phone which isn’t just a phone but has many more jobs in one device. Email, internet browsing, camera, banking and so much more. Why when we switch to financial tools do we only use “one use” tools. A dividend paying properly engineered high cash value whole life policy is the multi-tool or smart phone of the financial world. It does so many jobs rather than just one. It is called the “and asset” and it can make your money do many jobs at once. Can you use your savings account to buy a car and have it still growing uninterrupted for retirement? Does it provide you a death benefit, living benefits if your get sick or need long term care? Does it grow at 4-5 percent no matter market conditions? If not it might be time to consider another place to store money.

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